How Do I Work from Home?



As long as you don’t make it hard on yourself like I did.

I didn’t necessarily want to start out with this blog post, but its something that I get asked on a regular basis. So many people write on this same topic, right? Why is my advice any different than someone else’s?

The answer is that while all the answers may seem so easy, there are unique factors that affect everybody’s experience. My experience is different then yours even if we come from similar situations.

You see, I’d heard of people that worked from home and my dream was always to be a writer before I picked my “stable career.” I figured that I wouldn’t even get to THINK about writing from home until I retired or found a rich husband.

Since rich husbands are hard to come by, I had basically resigned myself to work the part-time desk job that I’d had since going out on disability from my law enforcement career. But I had a problem. Well, more than one, to be honest.

First of all, I had an income cap, but my job was still coming in well under that.

Second of all, my health problems that put me on disability made it increasingly difficult to show up regularly to an office job. While my boss has known me for 20 years, it still wasn’t fair to call in sick several times a month. Plus, I didn’t get paid sick days like when I worked full-time. (Please don’t ever take those benefits for granted!) So, I was REALLY missing what money I could make.

Third, being the complete klutz that I am, well, I’d broken my ankle in February of 2016 and had to get surgery on it in September of 2016. Which, of course, meant MORE time off. Plus, I was being crushed under the mounting hospital bills piling on top of all of the ones that I already had.

Some of you are probably nodding your heads right about now. See so many of us long to work from home whether it’s to have the flexibility to set your own hours, to spend more time with your family and friends, or maybe just to make a little extra money. Or maybe its to fulfill your dream of starting your own business.

Well, sometimes you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. Let me tell you that you can work from home sooner if you take a job that may not be your dream job.

Angie Nelson of found her first job working from home doing a customer service job. (I have no affiliation with Angie, but she happens to have a lot of useful information over on her website.) Most people that want to work from home don’t choose customer service work for their dream work at home job, but it can get you out of your 9-5 and bring you closer to your dream.

Personally, even though it took me longer, I decided against any type of customer service work because I didn’t want to quit my job working with people I really liked, doing work that I was good at, to work at a job that I knew I would wake up and dread every day. It’s a choice only you can make.

I recommend that you sit down and list all of the skills that you are good at whether you use them in your favorite hobby or your current job. I encourage you to write things down no matter how small that they may seem. If you schedule your boss’s oil change every other month or book travel plans, you could list scheduling as a skill. If your friends and co-workers always ask you to proofread their work, well that’s a skill too!

You can also write down things that you like to do, like editing, sewing, cooking, etc. and then cross-reference those things with your skills list and you’re that much closer to working from home doing a job you love!

So since I love to write, that’s what I do now! I still can’t believe it when I wake up and “commute” to my coffee pot and then home office for work. I took my skills like all of the academic writing I did in graduate school and finally put it to work doing something I never planned when I went to college. Cross that with the fact that I edited and proofread a lot of my co-workers’ reports and SHAZAM! Writing was the perfect freelance position for me.

But there’s more! Now you need to figure out how your specific skills match up with work from home jobs that are available.

When I was at my wit’s end with my day job, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel, it was like a lightbulb went off. One day I saw an ad online for a career as a transcriptionist, and I was like, “Hey!” How perfect? This was a non-phone job, and while I didn’t type well, I figured I could learn. Right?

Well, transcription work is not an easy job that just anyone can pick up, and I soon found that it wasn’t for me, but what I learned in the process was invaluable. I learned that there were entire job boards just for work from home jobs.

My mind was opened to a whole world of possibilities. I found positions like Virtual Assistants, Search Engine Evaluators, Researchers, Freelance Writers, Blog Writers, and so much more.

Just understand that it is a process, just like finding a 9-5 job, except it happens in the virtual world. Sign up for some helpful job finding site like,, and For a closer look at these job, sites check out <>.

Also, one book that I highly recommend is Side Hustle Blueprint by Lise Cartwright. She describes the process step-by-step with in-depth advice and instructions to help you find that work from home job. (I am not an affiliate for this product. It is something that I honestly found helpful in my search.)


I really hope you find something great that helps you make that leap from the 9-5 job to the work from home job!

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